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  • Anal Abscesses and Fistulas

    Posted on June 05,2013

    To most, gastrointestinal health is a mystery. The H Doctor explains ailments we encounter with What are Anal Abscesses and Fistula and What Causes them?

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    Hemorrhoid Treatment: Infrared Photocoagulation and Sclerotherapy

    Posted on February 22,2013

    Mild to moderate symptomatic hemorrhoids often respond to simple changes in diet and lifestyle. For example, just avoiding reading on the toilet is sometimes enough to give complete relief. Or maybe an increase in fiber and water is all that is needed to get rid of hemorrhoid symptoms. In other cases, topical ointments or creams […]

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  • What Causes Hemorrhoid Problems? (Two Types of Hemorrhoids)

    Posted on February 19,2013

    Many people are unaware that hemorrhoids are actually a normal part of the body. They go completely unnoticed until there is a problem. Hemorrhoids are important fibrovascular structures located within the anal canal, and they help cushion the passage of stool. Hemorrhoids also function to maintain fecal contents within the rectum until it is time […]

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    Hemorrhoid Treatment Level Four: Surgery

    Posted on February 12,2013

    A relatively small percentage of persons that suffer from hemorrhoids will find it impossible to get rid of their symptoms with conservative measures or with in-office procedures. These persons will require surgery to resolve the issue. Surgery is indicated for the treatment of hemorrhoids in the following circumstances:….

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  • Hemorrhoid Treatment Level Three: In-Office procedures

    Posted on February 05,2013

    Sometimes, a hemorrhoid case will not respond to the first two measures. In these situations, simple in-office hemorrhoid treatment procedures are necessary….

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  • Hemorrhoid Treatment Level Two: Topical Medications

    Posted on January 29,2013

    Sometimes hemorrhoid symptoms do not respond to diet and lifestyle modifications. Hemorrhoid Treatment Level Two discusses topical medications….

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    Hemorrhoid Treatment Level One: Diet and Lifestyle Modifications

    Posted on January 24,2013

    Hemorrhoid Treatment Level One is preventative and all persons with any level of hemorrhoid discomfort can benefit from these recommendations…

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    An Overview of the Four Stages of Hemorrhoid Treatment

    Posted on January 22,2013

    Sometimes hemorrhoid symptoms are very mild. For example, you might just see a few drops of blood when wiping and not feel any discomfort at all. On the other hand, some hemorrhoid cases can be very painful and severe, even to the point of requiring surgery. Hemorrhoid treatment can be classified into four levels, depending of the severity of the symptoms.

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